The research and development side of the Aeronautical Department deals with –
 Faculty Involvement in Research
 MIST Sponsored Projects
Publications/Conference paper
 Project/Thesis Works
 Participating in different committee/initiatives.
 Participating in different national and international competitions.
The department is dignified with a large number of publications of books, journals and papers. Since 2012, 20papers in journals and 35 conferrence paper have been published by the faculties and students of aeronautical department.

A number of seminars and guest lectures have been conducted by Aeronautical dept in October 2010, 2011, April 2014 and March 2015.

The Aeronautical dept is enriched with enormous lab facilities. The name of the labs are-

  1. Applied Aerodynamics Lab
  2. Jet Propulsion Lab
  3. Radar Engineering Lab
  4. Avionics And Ground Electronics Lab
  5. Aero Structure Lab
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