Lab Facilities

Applied Aerodynamics Lab

Serial No Name of Equipment
1 Subsonic Wing Tunnel
2 Fan Test Set (Axial Flow &
Centrifugal Flow)- 01 Set
3 Bernoulli’s Apparatus

Jet Propulsion Lab

Serial No Name of Equipment
1 Axial Flow Gas Turbine Engine with
Computerized Data Display and Acquisition System (CM-14)
2 Liming Wopen 6A Tumansky KD-9B After
Burner Turbojet Engine
3 Turbomeca gas Turbine Engine
4 TB3-117 MV Series (Mi-8T) Tuboshaft
5 CJ-6A Radial Piston Engine

Radar Engg Lab

Serial No Name of Equipment
1 Radar Training System (BASIC) along
with Test/Measuring Equipment; Accessories; Tools and Different Model
Aircrafts/Targets/Ground Model Targets etc

Avionics and Ground Electronics Lab

Serial No Name of Equepment
1 Instrument Landing Equipment System
ILS; LOC; GS Module
2 Radio Altimeter-(RA) Module
3 Flight Director And Auto Piloting;
4 GPS Trainer
5 Distance Measuring Eqipment; DME

Aero-Structure Lab

Serial No Name of Equipment
1 Phased Out Fuga A/C
2 Indeginus Model A/C
(MIST X-1)
3 Flight Control System
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