Employee Details

Tariqul Islam

Lecturer, Aeronautical Engineering Department
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering


Educational Background

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)
Institute NameMilitary Institute of Science & Technology (MIST)
DepartmentAeronautical Engineering (AE)

Subject Taught

  1. Theory
  • Signals and Systems
  • Digital Fundamental

2. Sessional

  • Numerical Analysis sessional
  • Instrumentation and Measurement sessional
  • Communication Engg sessional
  • Digital Signal Processing sessional

Personal Information
Name: Tariqul Islam
Date of Birth: 25-02-1995
Place of birth: Gopalganj
Nationality: Bangladeshi
Religion: Islam
Blood Group: O+
Permanent Address: Village: Munirkandi, PS: Gohala, Thana: Muksudpur District: Gopalganj

 Bangla (Native speaker)
 English (Having an excellent oral and writing skill in English)

Computer Skills:

Programming Skills:
 Working experience with programming languages:  C, MATLAB.

Application Package:
 Solidworks
 MS Office Package: MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Excel
 Graphics Design: Adobe Photoshop

Projects Performed:
 Implementation of a low-cost MEMS-based Attitude Heading Reference System(AHRS) using complementary filter and KALMAN filter
Practical Training:
 Biman Bangladesh Airlines Limited
Industrial Visit:
 214 MRO(U), Bangladesh Air Force

Academic Awards:
“MIST Admission Test Result Scholarship” for being selected as one of the first 25 students in the admission test
“MIST Merit list Scholarship-2013” awarded by the Department of Aeronautical Engineering, MIST
“MIST Merit list Scholarship-2014” awarded by the Department of Aeronautical Engineering, MIST
“MIST Merit list Scholarship-2015” awarded by the Department of Aeronautical Engineering, MIST


“MIST Merit list Scholarship-2016” awarded by the Department of Aeronautical Engineering, MIST


1.”Comparison of complementary and Kalman filter based data fusion for attitude heading reference system”, Tariqul IslamMd. Saiful IslamMd. Shajid-Ul-Mahmud, and Md Hossam-E-Haider.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.1063/1.5018520

2. “A low-cost MEMS and complementary filter based Attitude Heading Reference System for Low-Speed Aircraft”, Md. Saiful Islam Md. Shajid-Ul-Mahmud Tariqul Islam Md. Syedul Amin Md Hossam-E-Haider.

DOI: 10.1109/CEEICT.2016.7873047

Contact information: