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The necessity of induction of Aeronautical Engineering (AE) program at Bangladesh has long been felt and MIST is the pioneer technical institute to introduce Aeronautical Engineering Program in Bangladesh. At present MIST offers Engineering Degrees in Civil Engineering; Computer Science and Engineering; Electrical, Electronics and Communication Engineering and Mechanical Engineering program in addition to Aeronautical Engineering. Compared to any other institute of engineering including BUET, MIST has the highest preparedness to introduce Aeronautical Engineering because of the requirement of defense where study and practice of Aeronautical Engineering is a part of service requirement as well as Aeronautical Engineering is required to introduce space based research in our country.

The proposed Aeronautical Engineering (AE) program has 02 (two) major disciplines namely “Aerospace” and “Avionics”. The proposed syllabus comprises a total of 161.50 credits & 192.0 contact hours for Aerospace discipline and 161.50 credits & 195.00 contact hours for Avionics discipline.

Aeronautical Engineering plays a vital role in all fields of modern human activities. It has established itself as one of the most important branches of engineering. The Aeronautical Engineering undergraduate programme provides an excellent technical background for persons who want to work in the field of Aerodynamics, Jet Propulsion, Structural Analysis, Avionics and other disciplines. In addition to lectures and practical sessions in the classroom, the undergraduate programme also includes industrial/educational visits to different reputed industries/places both home and abroad. The new generation of Aeronautical engineers is encouraged to undertake research and development activities in the above areas and this department is committed to the study and analysis of fundamental as well as applied problems. Problems of military and national importance have consequently received great emphasis in the activities of this department.

In addition to the above in the future there will be opportunities for postgraduate studies and research leading to higher degrees i.e. M. Sc. (Engg), M. Engg, and Ph.D.

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