Md Rejwanul Haque

Md Rejwanul Haque


Department of Aeronautical Engineering (AE)

Contact Information

Name               : Md Rejwanul Haque

Adress             : Department of Aeronautical Engineering (AE)

Military Institute of Science and Technology (MIST)

Room No-822, Tower Building-I,

Mirpur Cantonment, Dhaka-1216, Bangladesh.

Telephone        : +880-2-9010049 extension-442.

Email     ,

Academic Qualification
  1. Sc. in Aeronautical Engineering (AE)

Major               : Avionics

Military Institute of Science and Technology (MIST)

Year obtained : 2013.

Awards and Achievements
  • Award in NASA’s 4th Annual Munabotics Mining Competition 2013, Kennedy space Centre, Florida, USA, for

2nd position in “Systems Engineering Paper” category

1st position “Outreach Project Report” category

3rd position “Team Spirit category

1st position “Luna Worldwide” category

  • Education Minister’s Commendation for Exemplary Performance in NASA’s 4th Annual Lunabotics Mining Competition 2013, Kennedy space Centre, Florida, USA.
  • MIST Commandant Medal (2013)
  • Commandant Commendation (2012)
  • Global Institute of Science and Technology Best Paper Award, Asian Science, Engineering and Technology Conference, Dhaka, Bangladesh.


Working Experiences

Lecturer, Department of Aeronautical Engineering (AE), Military Institute of Science and Technology. (June 15, 2013 to present)

Course Conducted (lectured):

  • AEAV-405, Navigation, Guidance and Control, 3.00 Credit Hours
  • AEAV-209, Aircraft Electromechanical Systems, 3.00 Credit Hours
  • AEAV-201, Electrical Circuit Analysis-II, 3.00 Credit Hours
  • AEAV-311, Digital Signal Processing, 1.50 Credit Hours
  • AEAS-101, Introduction to Aeronautical Engineering, 3.00 Credit Hours

Laboratory Experience:

  • Aero Instruments and Measurement Laboratory (0.75 Credit Hours)
  • Control System Laboratory (0.75 Credit Hours)
  • Digital Signal processing Laboratory (MATLAB simulation) (0.75 Credit Hours)
  • Radar Engineering Laboratory (0.75 Credit Hours)


Journal & Conference Publication


  • Wg Cdr Nikhil Verma , Md Rejwanul Haque, “DME-DME Network and Future Air Traffic Capacity’’, Issue: May 2013 Vol. 1. No. 1, ISSN: 2201-6686, Journal of Modern Science and Technology.
  • Md Rejwanul Haque, Muztahid Muhammad, Dipayan Swarnaker & MD. Arifuzzaman, “Autonomous Quadcopter for Product Home Delivery”, International Conference on Electrical Engineering and Information & Communication Technology (ICEEICT), 10-12 April 2014, Print ISBN: 978-1-4799-4820-8, IEEE.
Research Experiences


[1] Electronic Navigation System and Optical Instruments

[2] CFD Analysis: Comparative analysis of performance parameters of different aerofoils

[3] Design and fabrication of lunar dust excavator robot

[4] Quad-copter: for specific surveillance and reconnaissance missions

[5] Designing a 4-bit Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU).


Research Interest


[1] Unmanned Arial Vehicles

[2] Control and Dynamics

[3] Computational Fluid Dynamics

[4] Robotics and Automation

[5] Aircraft Navigation, Guidance and Control


Internship & Training
  • Internship at GMG Airlines on MD-82, Boeing-767 & Dash-8 aircraft and overall aircraft maintenance.
  • Training on Autopilot System, Aircraft GPS, Radio Altimeter, Aircraft DME system and Instrument Landing System, conducted by AEROTRAIN CORP. 5083 Miller Road FLINT, MI 48507, USA.
  • American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA)
  • Bangladesh Society for Nondestructive Testing (BSNDT)
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